Q.PEAK DUO-G8+ 340-360

Introducing the Q.PEAK DUO-G8+ 340-360, the pinnacle of solar panel technology. With its cutting-edge design and advanced features, this high-performance solar panel is engineered to deliver exceptional power output and efficiency. The Q.PEAK DUO-G8+ boasts a power range of 340 to 360 watts, ensuring maximum energy harvest for your residential or commercial solar projects.

Featuring innovative Q.ANTUM DUO technology, these panels harness sunlight from both the front and back sides, maximizing energy generation even in low-light conditions. The enhanced efficiency of the Q.PEAK DUO-G8+ means you can generate more clean energy while occupying less space on your roof or land.

Built with durability in mind, these solar panels are designed to withstand challenging weather conditions, including high wind loads and heavy snow. Their sleek and elegant design adds aesthetic appeal to any installation, seamlessly integrating into various architectural styles.

With their excellent performance and industry-leading warranty, the Q.PEAK DUO-G8+ 340-360 is an ideal choice for those seeking top-tier solar solutions. Experience the future of solar energy and unlock the full potential of your sustainable power generation with Q.PEAK DUO-G8+ 340-360.