We pride ourselves in designing and installing quality solar systems.
Throughout Brisbane Solar and Queensland Solar, not to mention Victoria and some parts of New South Wales, we have what I believe to be some of the best installers in the industry.
No job is too far or too hard.
Brisbane Solar and Queensland Solar have systems to suit every budget and need.
It is important to understand a solar system is not just the panels or the inverter, there are a lot of important smaller parts, where quality counts.
After many years in the industry we have moved to only recommending tried and proven products with outstanding backing and after sales assistance. This is a long term purchase, where the old analogy  “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” is prominent.

Our recommendations are:


Q Cells


Huawei inverters

Luna Batteries


You can click on the Quote link at any time, and fill in the details, sending through a current power bill for ease of system design. We will have something back to you or be in touch in no time at all with Brisbane Solar and Queensland Solar.

  • Servicing Brisbane Solar and Queensland Solar
  • Greenbank Solar is an Australian company backed by an Australian warranty.
  • Affordable and reliable energy to homes.

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