Stc Prices – Explained

The easiest way to explain solar system pricing goes something like this:Panels, Inverter, Racking, Isolators, installation say that is a 6kW system and it has a retail price of $11,000.

Then you have the government rebate. This is determined by what area you live in and the size of the system. For this example, we will use 6.48kW and Brisbane (zone 3).A 6.48 kW system in zone 3 has 125 Renewable Energy Credits (RECS or STC’s).These site’s don’t have a set value. a couple of weeks ago they were $39.85 each – so the price then was ( 125 x $39.85 ) $4981 which as a government rebate, is a get free amount.

So this system would be $10,000 less rebate $4981 plus the original get $6019 out of the pocket expense. In today’s market, the STC is trading at $33. So the same system today is (125 x 33 ) $4125 rebate. $10,000 less rebate plus the get  $6875 out of the pocket expense.So without any price variance in panels, inverters etc, the system has increased by $856 purely due to the volatility in the current market.The reason behind this is we have met our REC targets for the year and now there is a surplus. Supply/Demand.There will be no demand in the near future for REC’s so expect the STC price to keep falling.


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